About SS

Scottland Studios (video) is a public server created by ZackScottGames back when he played Minecraft.  Although Zack no longer plays Minecraft, he has left the server open for the people that still enjoy playing there.

Gamemodes & Minigames:




The Bat Knight (video) -  A heroes versus villains game in which robbers collect diamonds and heroes kill the robbers.  Game idea originally by Sam Seide.

Tournament Towers (video) - A level based PvP game in which you ascend every 5 kills to the next level.  Game idea originally by Zack Scott.

Parkour (video) - Spintown built a really long course on the hub that had many elements from the American Gladiators course he built on Scottland.  He later created his own parkour server called Spinkour.

Scottland Archives - A collection of the old Scottland maps for the fans of the series to explore.

Server History:
The Bat Knight originally had three of its own servers plus a build server due to its high popularity. To accommodate the new Tournament Towers game, a hub for all of the Scottland Minigames, Minercore (video) was created. Soon after the creation of Minercore, much interest was lost, eventually ending the server. Months later, work began on Scottland Studios.  From the beginning the server has had multiple Scottlanders helping out administrating, moderating, building, testing, etc...

Popular YouTubers who have recorded on Scottland Studios include: ASFJeromeBashur, Setosorcerer, PrestonPlayz, BrenyBeastTheCampingRusher, LDShadowLady, SwimmingBird941, JohnsGamesChannel & more...

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