To report a rule breaker you'll have to tweet the evidence to @Spintown & @Lmac77 using the hashtag #SSCheat .  Evidence has to be on YouTube or Imgur, and we will not click on shortened URL's.  Before tweeting us a report, please read the following advice from 8BitHer0.


Most importantly, when reporting someone, be aware what is and isn't against the rules.

How to act in game:
- If you notice a user breaking the rules in game then first check the server list. There could be a moderator already on the server, in which case, message them and alert them of what is happening. They may be able to take the necessary action immediately without the need for you to record & present evidence.

- If there is no moderator present at that time, then you will need to take the matter into your own hands. The first thing you should do is try to gather evidence. you can do this in a number of ways, but the best and most reliable way is through recording software. This produces indisputable evidence and gives the staff the best idea of what is going on. Bottom of the post is links to several sites where you can get recording software for free.

- If you do not own recording software then do not worry! Screenshots are also a very good way to capture what is happening and the more the better. However, you must make sure the screenshot is not cropped when posted in the report. It will be disregarded if it is cropped.

- Regardless of which method you choose, make sure we are able to clearly see the users name in your evidence, if we cannot, then we cannot for sure be certain that the accused really did break the rules.

Now that you have good evidence of the accused, you can upload your evidence & tweet it to the staff members mentioned above.

Other Tips:
- Follow directions.  Failure to send a report exactly as directed will result in your report not being looked at.

- Use the video description to be as descriptive as possible. Sometimes it's obvious what happened, but other times it really helps describing fully what happened so the moderators get a full grasp of the situation.

- Be honest. We need to know accurately what happened. Not being honest in your report is in itself a punishable offence as it can be seen as producing a phony report.

- Make sure your evidence correctly works in your reports. It may seem obvious, but it's surprising how many times we've got some faulty links.

- Don't spam moderators about your report when it is finished. We'll get to it. Relax.

Thanks for filling out your report! Enjoy the feeling of ensuring the servers are fair. (Fraps - PC) (Bandicam - PC)

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