Server Rules

Temp Mutes & Temp Bans can just be given on the server where the offense took place. However, permamutes & permabans should be given on the hub so they are global. Any permaban or permamute can be appealed after 1 month of punishment for consideration of having their punishment overturned.

Chat Rules:

3rd Degree Chat Offenses: (2 short warnings (1 hour- 24 hours), 1 long warning (1 week), anything after that is a permamute.)
1. Treat each other with respect. This means no needless insults, bullying, racism, sexist remarks or discriminatory messages. No harassment of other users.
2. No spamming. Watch overusing ALL CAPS, typing the same thing multiple times, etc...
3. Keep comments age appropriate. Meaning no sexually oriented content is allowed.
4. Do not impersonate any member of Scottland Studios' staff or claim to be a member of the Staff.
5. Respect the staff. Do not argue with the staff. If you feel you have been wronged or mistreated by a staff member report them in the forum.
6. Do not ask to get permissions on the server.
7. Do not encourage anyone else to break any of the game rules.
8. Do not lie to staff for any reason.
9. Casual advertising. Mentioning the name of a server to a friend would be an example of this. If the intention is to have players leave the server to go somewhere else...this wouldn't be casual advertising & would fall under "Blatant Advertising".

*The first 2 warnings should be accompanied with short mutes (1 hour - 24 hours). Next warning gets a 1 week mute. Anything after that is a permamute. Moderator should make sure they tell the person how long they're muted & why afterwards.

1st Degree Chat Offenses: (1 strike for any of these offenses equates a permamute.)
10. Blatant advertising. This includes links to websites, IP’s, spam bots, etc... Advertising is not limited to chat, and other forms of it will also be punished.
11. Lying about purchasing perks when you really didn't.

*If a player logs out before a temp mute or permamute can be given, and the mod doesn't have perms to mute the player, they can send the IGN to myself or another admin to mute.
*If players try getting around their mutes by using the /tell command to continue spamming, mods should kick & warn. If that doesn't work, go ahead & give them a temp ban. Continued abuse of the /tell command after a temp ban can result in a permanent ban.

PvP & General Mini Game Rules:

3rd Degree Game Offenses: (2 short warnings (1 day - 7 days), 1 long warning (1 month), and anything after that is a permaban.)
1. No nude, offensive or otherwise inappropriate skin.
2. No combat logging. This is when someone relogs mid fight, to avoid fall damage, or to avoid explosion damage.
3. Do not abuse or exploit any component of the service other than intended, for unfair game play, including kits, special abilities (such as spectating & commands), bugs or in game glitches.
4. Building something that should not be. Ex: Penis, Nazi Symbol, etc.

*The first 2 warnings should be accompanied with short bans (1 day - 7 days). Next warning gets a 1 month ban. Anything after that is a permaban.
*Kicks can be given in place of short bans if a moderator wants to get their attention & talk to the player.

1st Degree Game Offenses: (1 strike for any of these offenses equates a permaban.)
5. No unapproved mods. All mods other than Optifine are unapproved. Changes to your Minecraft client files to replicate the actions of any of these mods is also reason for a ban.
6. Don’t joke about hacking. If you say you are using hacks...we’ll take your word for it.

Other Game Rules:
7. Chat rules apply to whispers as well.
8. DDOS gets any & all your known accounts permabanned. Threatening to DDOS has the same result.
9. Ban evasion is not permitted, and will result in a permanent ban for all alternate accounts associated with the evading player. The alternate accounts will not be unbanned once the original ban expired, and the original ban starts over from the point the alts were discovered. So if you had 3 months left on a 1 year start that year ban all over again. If you get your Minecraft account means we don’t want you here for awhile...with any account.
10. Testimony IS evidence. Your words in game can be used against you & depending on the rule violation are enough evidence for a mute/ban.
11. Any breach made by a family member, friend, or random stranger is on you. If a rule is broken under an account, that account will be punished.
12. Mods are allowed to temp mute players or kick them when they give their warnings.
13. Bans & mutes are global. Meaning if you get banned for something you did while playing Batknight, it means you are banned from all Scottland Studios games & servers.
14. All bans must be appealed before they can be overturned. So a 6 month ban could end up being longer. It just depends on if you appeal right after the 6 month time period is up or not.
15. Scottland Studios' Administration reserves the right to ban any player from any Scottland Studio service for any reason without notice. Even for actions on other servers.
16. Inappropriate usernames will result in a permaban until said name is changed.

*Situations not addressed in the rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Mods & admins should bring these situations to my attention.

Faction Specific Rules:
1. Changing your faction name over & over will be considered spam. (Warning with a temp mute/kick, warning with temp ban, and then permanent ban.)
2. Changing your faction name to something deemed inappropriate by staff is against the rules. (ask player to change name, temp mute/kick & ask again, temp ban, permanent ban)
3. No alternate accounts to increase powers in factions. (temp ban main account & permanent ban all alts...if it happens again...permanent ban all accounts associated with player.)
4. Do not ask to join Zack Scott's faction. (let it go with a chat warning unless it's spammed)
5. Trapping people in nether portals by blocking it off causing the players to be unable to use chat or commands is not allowed.

Creative Specific Rules:
1. No lag machines or any other actions done to create lag. (warning with temp ban, warning with temp ban, permanent ban)
2. No spamming potions or fireworks. (warning with temp ban, warning with temp ban, permanent ban)
3. Don't ignore staff or block them from plots. (warning with temp ban, warning with temp ban, permanent ban)

Towny Specific Rules:
1. No scamming or tricking people into teleporting into your area just to steal their stuff. (warning with temp ban, warning with temp ban, permanent ban)
2. Do not spam people to join your town. (warning, warning with temp ban, permanent ban)
3. If the owner of the claimed land does not want you in their area, please leave and respect their wishes. (warning, warning with temp ban, permanent ban)
4. Any attempt to grief a persons claimed land or surrounding area will result in a ban. (warning with temp ban, permanent ban)

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